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[Pod] The Impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ on Service Categories w/ Amy Fong

By November 1, 2021No Comments

“I think it’s an employee’s market right now. I don’t think that’s just a US thing, I think that’s fairly global. We’ve done some recent research that shows the demand and cost increases or wage increases really is a global trend.”

Procurement has been working hard to expand our value proposition beyond savings for a long time, and the current conditions in service-based industries may provide a perfect opportunity. Many service and people-based industries are being hit hard by what is being called ‘The Great Resignation.’ Managing these categories on cost alone will definitely not be enough.

In this episode, host Philip Ideson speaks with Amy Fong, Vice President of Sourcing and Vendor Management at Everest Group. Amy has had a front row seat to procurement transformation as both practitioner and an advisor, and she is currently focused on services categories. This interview was recorded as part of PASA’s (Procurement and Supply Australasia) ninth annual PASA Premier Confex.

Amy answers service-specific questions about:

  • The roles and industries where labor shortages are the greatest – and therefore the potential price increases are the highest
  • Evidence that companies may be pre-buying digital services the way they were hoarding toilet paper in 2020
  • The trends she sees with regard to service providers integrating technology and automation into their delivery models

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