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[Pod] Driving a Growth Agenda Part 3 – Walking the Line: Balancing Risk Versus Growth w/ Alex Saric

By February 24, 2021July 30th, 2021No Comments

The pandemic has caused a rethink of many past assumptions, from just in time inventory to offshored supply chains. Moving forward, leaders need to avoid jumping from one extreme to the other. Traditionally accepted priorities such as efficiency and cost containment suddenly must be assessed against the risk involved. Success will increasingly depend on how well organizations strike the optimal balance among such priorities.

This podcast is the third in a 4-part series focused on how procurement can contribute to efforts to restore corporate growth. In this episode we welcome Alex Saric, Ivalua’s Chief Marketing Executive. For over 15 years he has evangelized spend management, shaping its evolution and working closely with hundreds of customers to support their digital transformation journeys. 

In this episode we will look into:

  • What risk factors are most critical and how can procurement best manage them?
  • What strategies can best minimize the tradeoffs between risk and growth?
  • What can procurement / supply chain leaders learn from investors by taking a portfolio view of supply chain risk?

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