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[Pod] Leadership, Engagement, and Burnout in a Virtual Workforce w/ Tom Graham

By January 18, 2021July 30th, 2021No Comments

“I think one of the biggest challenges CPOs are facing right now is trying to set the strategy for the next 12 months and engage a disengaged or fatigued workforce whilst not having all the answers.” 

In the spring and summer of 2020, there were plenty of stories about professionals and teams rallying to get their jobs done while working remotely, in some cases even going above and beyond to achieve levels of performance that no one would have thought possible. As the pandemic stretches on, and reaches a second wave or additional shutdowns, widespread fatigue is starting to set in. Leaders see the symptoms of this fatigue in their team and feel it in themselves.

In this conversation, Tom tells Host Philip Ideson:

  • How to be an effective leader while moving from an operational focus to one based on preserving and fostering employee engagement
  • The social and lifestyle differences between employees that have been exacerbated and highlighted by the need to work from home in varied personal circumstances
  • The critical role that authenticity and trust play in building professional relationships that are strong enough to overcome situations when people are not okay

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