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[Pod] Achieving Your Objectives w/ Jan Griffiths

By January 4, 2021July 30th, 2021No Comments

“I viewed the pandemic as a great opportunity for leadership to step up and lead at a very deeply human level. This was not the time for command and control. This was not the time to be aggressive and alienate people. This was a time to bring people closer to you and understand the shared struggle.”

Despite the fact that Jan Griffiths has had a successful career as a tier-1 CPO and entrepreneur, she still wasn’t prepared for the personal and professional impact of the pandemic. After indulging in a full day of Netflix, she decided to push herself out of her comfort zone and into a non-judgemental accountability project with a pop-up group of peers. 

What started as a ‘therapeutic’ accountability clinic evolved over time to become the accountability lab: a group of people that connect daily for 30 minutes at 6:30 a.m. to make commitments to themselves in the supportive presence of others. The learnings from this experiment have changed the way she feels about her own situation and will no doubt impact her leadership seminars going forward. As Jan tells Host Philip Ideson, “I love, love, love leadership.”

In this conversation, Jan shares her candid perspective on:

  • The power of incremental change, whether it includes improvement over time or small course corrections
  • Why procurement needs to change their approach to goal setting before they can increase their impact on the enterprise
  • The rallying impact of having a brand identity at the functional level, and the need to ensure that the brand aligns with company objectives

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