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The Current State of MRO Spend w/ Mike Croasdale

By November 2, 2020No Comments

“Item level pricing isn’t always your best bet. It is important to dive into the data and shape a solution based on what the data tells you.”

MRO – or Maintenance, Repair, and Operations spend – is one of those categories that procurement has managed, and managed, and managed again… but don’t make the mistake of thinking there is no value left to realize. 

Mike Croasdale has been focused on helping companies manage their MRO spend for years. If you listen to him describe the opportunities in this category, you’re very likely to walk away thinking it is one of the most nuanced and interesting spend categories in the company. MRO presents opportunities for complex analytics, operational understanding, and competitive advantage – if procurement knows where to look.

In this interview, Mike shares his point of view with Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner on:

  • How procurement can combine and leverage many models for managing MRO spend, including GPOs, specialized providers, and large dominant players
  • The status of the ‘customer experience’ enjoyed by procurement’s internal MRO customers
  • What he has observed and expects to see going forward in the PPE subcategory of MRO spend

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