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The Current State of Telecom Spend w/ David Pastore

By October 5, 2020April 10th, 2024No Comments

“Carriers are notorious for having all different types of hooks, whether it’s a contract term, a service level term, spending a certain amount of money each month or a year or contract cycle. And so, you have to look at things holistically and make sure that you’re able to take advantage of that without compromising your position longer term down the road.” 

Telecom has been on an interesting and unique journey as a spend category. Gone are the days when all that was needed to deliver significant savings was a professionally conducted third-party audit or service rationalization/optimization. Today, most organizations are several years post audit, looking for new efficiencies in a category that is not only evolving, it is also encroaching on other categories of spend.

Dave Pastore is a Senior Director of Sourcing Operations at Corcentric where he specializes in telecom spend. It was his analytical background that led him to specialize in this category, plus a noticeable gap in procurement ownership over telecom, a traditionally siloed category.

In this interview, Dave shares his point of view with Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner on:

  • How the line between IT and telecom has blurred over time, and why this is likely to continue
  • Why telecom is simultaneously like the ‘Wild West’ from a new entrant perspective and also a rapidly consolidating industry
  • The opportunities that exist to nurture collaboration between team members and between companies and third parties, and the value procurement can deliver by supporting these opportunities

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