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How to Build a “Board of Directors” and Create Alignment with Executive Stakeholders

By June 3, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

Whether we are responsible for Procurement and our stakeholder is the c-suite, or we are developing a Category Strategy and our stakeholders are the business users. Alignment continues to be one of the greatest challenges for procurement. Ultimately, it becomes the differentiator that determines whether you are perceived as being a trusted advisor or a back office function.

Indeed, it is not possible to become a mature procurement organization without true strategic alignment, at scale.  How can that alignment be sustainable, and not contingent only upon a team member’s personal relationship and rapport with an individual stakeholder, or group of stakeholders?

There is one tactic that consistently works.  In today’s show, I will explore why treating your senior level stakeholders as investors in the company of “procurement” is key to building alignment – and I’ll share how you can get started!

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