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Why Mindset is Crucial to be Successful in the New Age of Procurement w/ Jack Miles

By March 19, 2018June 1st, 2020No Comments

Back in September 2016, as part of The Procurement Revolution event, Kelly Barner and I opened the mic for 40 catalysts.

We asked them share their thoughts on the future of procurement. One of the conversations that we enjoyed was with Jack Miles, the former CPO of CIBC, AIG, Computer Associates and the Secretary of State for the Florida Department of Management Services.

Our topic of conversation with Jack is just as relevant today as it was 18 months ago. We focused on how a growth mindset is so important to be successful, particularly given the changing nature of procurement.

In today’s show, I am publishing the Q&A with Jack in its entirety.

Things You Will Learn:

    • Are we focusing our time on the right things?
    • How can you get the confidence and have the courage to challenge the status quo?
    • As a leader how can you create the environment that allows people to come forward with new ideas?
    • What can you do build a strong reputation?
    • As a leader, what traits did those on Jack’s team exhibit that made them not only stand out, but made him want to invest his time in helping them develop?

“Nobody is going to look after your career and your positioning and your development any better than you are. You’ve got to figure out what you need. You’ve got to assess your gaps. You’ve got to assess the areas that are real strengths for you and the areas that are developmental areas. Seek some help to go out and address some of those” – Jack Miles

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