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Adding it Up: A Cost Savings Discussion w/ Mark Raffan

By May 21, 2018June 1st, 2020No Comments

This week on the show, the tables are turned! AOP alumni and Negotiations Ninja host Mark Raffan just interviewed me for an episode of his podcast on the topic of procurement cost savings. I enjoyed the conversation with Mark, and so we decided to simultaneously publish both on Art of Procurement and Negotiations Ninja.

In our conversation, Mark dug into that omnipresent procurement metric of cost savings.  I share details of how I have seen most organizations calculate savings, and what is typically off limits. Mark also asks if there are any ways to easily save money – the low hanging fruit – that any procurement function just starting on their maturity journey should focus on.

I really enjoyed our conversation – and the challenge that comes with being on the other side of the microphone!

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