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[Pod] Seven ‘Next Generation’ Procurement Skills w/ Christoph Flöthmann

| AOP Podcast, Career & Skill Development, Digitization, Procurement Transformation | No Comments
“A lot of procurement managers think, ‘I have my process. It will be digitized, but I'm still in control of…

[Pod] A Conversation with the Authors of ‘Managing Indirect Spend’ w/ Joe Payne, Bill Dorn, Dave Pastore, and Jennifer Ulrich

| AOP Podcast, Category Management, Procurement Transformation, Sourcing & Contracting | No Comments
“I find that people in procurement think everything needs an RFP. When you think about the perception of procurement, both…

[Pod] Getting Control of Your Telecom Spend

| AOP Podcast, Category Management, Data & Analytics, Expense Management | No Comments
“50% of the people we talk to don’t know how much annual telecom spend they have. If you don’t know…

[Pod] Digital Transformation as a Foundational Requirement for Data-Driven Procurement

| AOP Podcast, Data & Analytics, Data Ecosystem Series | No Comments
“The point is not just to have awesome data, it's the ability to act on that data. If people don't…

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Establishing Procurement’s Internal Brand

| AOP Blog | No Comments
If you think about what a brand really represents, at least in the context of a B2C business, it is…

[Pod] Contracting in the New Economy w/ Kate Vitasek

| AOP Podcast, Business Alignment, Sourcing & Contracting, Supplier Management | No Comments
“Business happens, right? Business is dynamic. We need to embrace the fact that whatever we write into a contract today,…

How to Create Stronger Supplier Relationships

| AOP Blog | No Comments
A question that we often get asked is, “How do we create stronger relationships with our suppliers?” A couple of…

[Pod] Data Series: Reimagining the P2P Experience for Procurement, the Business, and Suppliers w/ Magnus Bergfors

| AOP Podcast, Business Alignment, Data & Analytics, Data Ecosystem Series, Digitization | No Comments
As digital transformation progresses, corporate leadership teams are increasing their focus on the quality and availability of data. Spend analysis…

A Procurement Attitude of Gratitude

| AOP Blog | No Comments
Do you have any idea how lucky you are to work in procurement? Who else can understand a business by…

[Pod] Deloitte 2021 CPO Study – Throwing Complexity into Overdrive w/ Ryan Flynn

| AOP Podcast, Business Alignment, Leadership, Risk Management | No Comments
“These types of events are going to keep coming. And so it's not only necessary to be able to master…

Will Automation Replace Procurement?

| AOP Blog | No Comments
Automating professional activities is nothing new. You only need to look at the marketing function to see the impact that automation…

[Pod] Data Series: Setting the Stage for Sustained Sustainability

| AOP Podcast, CSR, Data & Analytics, Data Ecosystem Series | No Comments
“We can look at sustainability in two ways. There is what procurement can do to support the company’s sustainability agenda,…

Help! I hate my supplier!

| AOP Blog | No Comments
Let’s start by exploring that feeling… why do you hate the supplier? Or, for that matter, why do you love…

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