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5 Keys to Early Stakeholder Engagement

By June 10, 2016June 21st, 2023No Comments

Today’s Friday Show is in response to a listener question: how can I get early engagement with my business stakeholders?

In this episode, I take a look back at my experiences as a practitioner, and consider the key elements that differentiated the projects where I was able to engage early and those where I was nothing more than a rubber stamp.

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“I have worked in mandated and non-mandated environments. Even where the use of procurement is mandates, stakeholders will find ways to bypass you if they do not see a value in the work you provide.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Details behind my 5 keys to driving early stakeholder engagement:
    • Co-locate with stakeholders
    • Engage with stakeholders in advance, without an agenda
    • Proactively share information that demonstrates your understanding of their supply markets
    • Focus on the objectives of your stakeholder, and not on yours
    • Protect your stakeholders from the procurement process.

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