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How to Build a Stronger Partnership with your CFO w/ Peter de Heer

By August 28, 2017June 1st, 2020No Comments

I recently came across an insightful white paper that shared a number of ways that we, as Procurement, can build stronger partnerships with our peers in Finance.  Today, I invite the author of that paper, Peter de Heer, to be my guest on the Art of Procurement.

Peter has enjoyed a long career across a variety of procurement and non-procurement leadership roles at consumer products company Henkel before becoming a partner at Expense Reduction Analysts.

In our conversation, I ask Peter what keeps CFO’s up at night, and what should we be talking about with our Finance colleagues.

“Consistency is everything with Finance, and so Procurement has to be very careful in their planning but it is not something that Procurement has to do alone.” – Peter de Heer

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