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How to Recover Cash Due to Supplier Billing Errors w/ Ben Evans

By July 30, 2018June 1st, 2020No Comments

The deal is done, the contract signed, and the supplier starts supplying. Then the invoices roll in. But how much time do we invest in making sure that the supplier is invoicing the right amount?

In a world of competing priorities, I am afraid to admit that I trusted my suppliers to be billing the correct amounts. Yet, mistakes happen. In fact, as today’s guest Ben Evans shared, between 40%-60% of suppliers whose invoices his firm, Auditec, review contain material billing errors. Categories with a lot of SKU’s, line items, or a high volume of transactions are particular areas of focus.

In today’s pod, Ben and I explore what a procurement professional can to do minimize the risk of overbilling and ensure compliance with contractual terms – from creating a culture of compliance with suppliers to the steps needed to reactively identify and recover cash after the billing has occurred.

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