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Designing and Executing a Balanced Deal w/ Jeanette Nyden

By June 11, 2018April 9th, 2024No Comments

I’m joined once again on the show by Jeanette Nyden.  Jeanette is a well-renowned contracts and negotiations specialist, who approaches her work with a focus on building win-win, sustainable, agreements.

I interviewed Jeanette recently – AOP173 – where we discussed the topic of contract negotiations.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen in to that interview, you should check it out!

But, in the time we had scheduled to chat, we didn’t get to all of my questions.  And so I invited Jeanette back onto the pod to finish our conversation.

And so in today’s podcast, we discuss the art of a balanced deal.  What is a balanced deal, when do you need one – and when do you not.  I also dig to understand what are some of the prerequisites for a balanced deal, and Jeanette shares her advice for those looking to start the process with one of their suppliers or potential suppliers.

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