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How Ace Hardware Uses a RASCI Model to Drive Stakeholder Collaboration w/ Fraz Baig

By September 25, 2017June 21st, 2023No Comments

Today I am joined by Fraz Baig, a long time listener and friend of the show who is a Senior Manager at Ace Hardware, managing all of Ace’s corporate spend including IT, Marketing and Supply Chain.

As Fraz and I have got to know each other, I learned about the successes that he and his team have had at Ace in build strong partnerships with their stakeholders.  One of the fundamental pillars to that success is a Collaboration Model that explicitly lays out the roles and responsibilities of both the procurement team and their stakeholders as they engage in category management and sourcing projects.

And so I invited Fraz onto the show to explain a little bit more about the model, and his learnings from its implementation and evolution.

“The RASCI Collaboration Model that we’ve deployed here at ACE really helps drive the conversation with stakeholders forward and bring value from our procurement organization to the business… because now it is clear in terms of areas of responsibility and how everyone kind of works together” – Fraz Baig

Highlights from the Show Include:

  • Fraz’s perspective on the impact of digitization on procurement (Fraz comes from an IT background).
  • Why Ace Hardware decided to build a RASCI collaboration model.
  • Fraz explains what the Ace Hardware RASCI model covers.
  • How the role of procurement is maturing and evolving at Ace Hardware.

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