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Transformation is a Journey, Not a Destination

By November 8, 2022May 29th, 2024No Comments
The work of proving procurement’s value proposition is never done.

In the earliest stages of a team’s journey, they may be looking for digital solutions and working to establish the right organizational structure and way of engaging the business.

As they mature, procurement’s role in the company changes, as does the talent they need on staff and the support they can use from trusted third parties.

Seeing transformation as a journey means accepting that (a.) the work will never be complete, and (b.) it is critical to find a partner that can grow with procurement, shifting what they deliver as their needs become more specific and sophisticated.

In an AOP Live session, Christopher Kane, Senior Director of Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing at Sarepta Therapeutics, and Jennifer Ulrich, VP, Advisory from Corcentric, shared details of Sarepta procurement’s evolutionary journey, including the successes and challenges they experienced along the way.

Christopher and Jennifer answered live questions about:

  • How to connect the vision that drives procurement transformation with the realistic speed of organizational evolution
  • Ensuring that the way procurement communicates their value proposition evolves with the growth and maturity of the team
  • Advocating for the resources required to fulfill a long-term, transformed procurement organization

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