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Signs Your Intake-to-Procure Process May Be Broken – And How to Fix It

By November 1, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

Whether you are concerned with your physical health or the health of your procurement processes, understanding and addressing symptoms is often the fastest way to find a cure. And yet, we must never allow ourselves to become distracted and focus on our symptoms without looking for the root cause of the problem.

Procurement has worked for a long time to address ‘maverick’ or off-contract spending, pleaded to be brought into the buying process sooner, and struggled to build better relationships with budget holders and internal stakeholders. What if these are symptoms of a larger problem?

These may be signs that your intake-to-procure process is broken.

In this LIVE industry webinar, Sagi Eliyahu, Co-Founder and CEO at Tonkean, and Dan Coor, their Head of Procurement, shared their perspectives on how improving the intake-to-procure process can resolve a myriad of symptoms, and deliver additional benefits as well.

Sagi and Dan answered live questions about:

  • Why now is the time to explore your intake process symptoms and start looking for a cure
  • The role that AI and automation can play in improving your company’s intake-to-procure health
  • Additional benefits procurement can deliver by streamlining workflows and reducing friction

Dig Deeper:

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