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Roadmap to Success: Best Practice Supplier Diversity in 2024

By February 1, 2024May 29th, 2024No Comments

Procurement teams and professionals have long known that supplier diversity and ESG initiatives can help organizations cut costs, reduce supply chain risk, and improve business results. 

While these initiatives continue to expand and evolve in response to requests from the business, the most important progress comes from within – as supplier diversity program leaders learn from each other and embrace proven best practices to elevate their own impact.

2024 promises to bring a fresh set of challenges and opportunities. Fortunately, the expertise required to satisfy both already exists within the supplier diversity community.

In this session we are joined by Daniel Dorr and Molly O’Brien from Supplier.io who shared the best practices and critical priorities outlined in Supplier.io’s latest research report:

  • Why 2024 is the year for forging mission-critical relationships with the business, and then putting them to work
  • Ensuring that data is reliable enough to support nuanced financial decisions and serving as a source of competitive advantage
  • Building on the successes of supplier diversity by meeting other non-price business objectives, like sustainability

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