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Procurement for All Seasons: Being Prepared for Ever Changing Market Conditions

By August 11, 2022May 29th, 2024No Comments

It’s easy to think that in this world of access to information, being able to forecast, anticipate and (most importantly) RESPOND to changes is a straightforward task.

Just Google search the category or read articles from credible news sources and off you go. Right?

If the last few years have taught procurement anything it is that casual, high level research is not enough.  We need to understand what changes are coming and develop the insight required to help the company prepare for that change.

We kicked off Categorypalooza with a focus on market intelligence and how it can be used to generate insight that offers actionable value to the business. Philip Ideson discussed how you can be prepared with Procurement IQ’s Embry Davis and Ben Kempenich.

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