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Engaging in the Joust: Facing up to Suppliers in Inflationary Conditions

By August 11, 2022May 29th, 2024No Comments

For the last two years, many buyer-supplier relationships have been at a stalemate. No one wanted to disrupt the delicate balance under uncertain economic conditions.

But now that the economy seems to be swinging in the suppliers’ favor, procurement is left with little leverage but significant pressures to control costs. 

In this session, Bob Schreiner, Vice President of Security and Guard Services at Fine Tune, discusses the options available to procurement when trying to contain costs without sacrificing quality or giving up the value-based identity they have worked to achieve. References to real-world examples (including uniforms, security and guard services, and waste/recycling services) were made to illustrate the implications of and solutions to inflation and labor shortages.

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