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Driving the Best Business Outcomes From IT Providers

By November 1, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

For the last couple of years, procurement has been laser-focused on managing the risk associated with IT providers. And while security will remain a top priority, early signs suggest that in 2024 will bring a return to cost-focused procurement, and all spend categories will be put to the test.

In 2023, many of the most commonly-used types of business software increased in price while providers decreased the value of available discounts. 

Procurement can hardly walk away from mission-critical software – even to avoid cost increases – so developing a solid strategy and supporting it with trusted data will be essential for balancing operational requirements and cost expectations in the new year.

Join us for a live discussion with Vendr Senior SaaS Consultant Logan Furbee to set your team up to deliver desired business outcomes without exceeding tightening IT budgets.

Logan will answer live questions about:

  • The macro economic trends and conditions contributing to the current state of software pricing
  • How to combine data and strategy to achieve fast and fair results for the business
  • Predictions and advice for managing costs and maximizing outcomes in 2024

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