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Buying Decision Scorecard: Call Centers

By September 10, 2021No Comments

The AOP Buying Decision Scorecard is a new content offering created in partnership with ProcurementIQ that suggests an RFP scoring matrix for a particular spend category

Today we review the Call Center Services category.

The Numbers

The decision to select a call center services partner is more likely to be based on the technical capabilities of the provider than the cost of the service by a factor of 3 to 1. The top three factors are nearly equal in terms of how they influence the decision to select a provider: supplier experience, technical qualifications, and employee experience. Testimonials account for only 5% of the decision, and price represents the remaining 25%.

How to Use this Information

Since selecting a call center service provider is predominantly based on the experiences they are able to deliver (supplier and employee experience account for 45% of the decision), procurement will want to ask questions about these in the RFP. In addition, it may be necessary to reflect the importance of experience in the service specification sent to prospective suppliers before an award decision is made and in the service level agreement included in the contract(s).

Dig Deeper

We have partnered with ProcurementIQ to dig into their treasure trove of over 1,000 indirect category intelligence reports, with new insights every Friday. To dig deeper into the Call Center Services category, click here.

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