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Art of Procurement: E Pluribus Unum

By January 6, 2019No Comments

For small business owners – and this includes me – your brand is your word. AOP has been my brand identity since 2015 when I left my 9-5 job to strike out on my own. I’ve experienced so much since then, and have felt compelled to give so much to our industry, that I didn’t think one brand could contain it all.

In 2017, Kelly Barner and I founded Palambridge, an offering to help procurement leaders access expertise on-demand from a pre-vetted ecosystem of SMEs and procurement service providers.

In 2018, we expanded into microlearning in response to an opportunity from an Art of Procurement client who wanted to upskill 400+ procurement professionals using an agile development philosophy. That led to the formation of the CatalystCo brand.

AOP was a podcast. Palambridge was a managed service. CatalystCo was an L&D technology platform. All three shared a singular emphasis on the importance of community to the elevation of the procurement function. However, in launching multiple brands, we made it difficult for anyone to understand exactly how we can help. Are we the Art of Procurement? Are we Palambridge? Are we CatalystCo? What do we actually do?

Much soul-searching ensued. And towards the end of last year, I knew what we had to do. We had to challenge our own status quo and go back to basics.

And so, from today forward there is just one brand: Art of Procurement. Nothing about the podcast has changed. Palambridge is now AOP Experts On-Demand. The CatalystCo Platform is now AOP ‘Nudge’. The goals are the same. The philosophy is the same. But now, we are working towards one unified vision – with you.

Art of Procurement Brand

At Art of Procurement, we believe that procurement is uniquely qualified to impact a company’s effectiveness, sustainability, and profitability. But we also understand the many challenges you face along the way. In the coming year, my team and I look forward to mobilizing our resources to help you deliver change with confidence.

How can we help you with your change journey in 2019? Click here to schedule a short conversation.

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