Experts On-Demand

For when you need the help of an expert, today.

Palambridge is now Art of Procurement’s Experts On-Demand Managed Service.  Learn more here.

Access targeted guidance or whole project support from a subject matter expert:

Category Strategy

Combine actionable insights with your company’s priorities to deliver strategies that exceed stakeholder objectives and expectations.

Opportunity Analysis

Empower real-time, fact-based decisions about where to invest and how to prioritize resources for a measurable ROI.

Sourcing Strategy

Determine the best course of action while balancing scope, costs, risks, trends, supplier relationships, and time pressure.

Sourcing Execution

Leverage qualified external resources to run sourcing projects that would otherwise be delayed or run as a tactical exercise.


Maximize outcomes by partnering with a subject matter expert to strengthen the information basis of negotiation strategy.

Supplier Optimization

Achieve productive and sustainably healthy supplier relationships by calibrating committed energy with upside opportunities.

We Mobilize the Procurement Community to Help You Deliver Change with Confidence

Step 1: Identify Need

Capture your challenge or opportunity by discussing it with experienced guides.

Step 2: Review Options

Review qualified recommendations on how to proceed.

Step 3: Select Expert

Approve the preferred approach and we secure the expert(s).

Step 4: Expert Mobilized

We support the expert(s) and are accountable for their outcomes.

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