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A Deliberate Path to Success through Comprehensive Talent Procurement

By July 15, 2023May 29th, 2024No Comments

Decisions about how a company manages their external talent management program should not be taken lightly. There are many factors contributing to complexity, including varied expectations, a high bar for efficiency and effectiveness requirements, and the fact that no two people on the planet offer quite the combination of capabilities.

One financial services company faced this challenge head-on. They had already implemented a successful contingent workforce program, but were considering expanding into services procurement. Their goal was to uncover opportunities to elevate services procurement without disrupting the internal team or the stakeholders that rely upon that source of talent. 

In this AOP Live session, we were joined by Brian Salkowski, Chief Operating Officer at Guidant Global, and Marie France, Contingent Workforce Management and Procurement Operations Expert at Guidant Global. They shared a live case study on Company’s experience expanding their external talent management program. 

Brian and Marie answered audience-submitted questions about:

  • The impact this category of spend has on Company’s ability to operate, and the contributions it makes to their value proposition
  • How to optimize spending decisions at the intersection of multiple options and fulfillment models
  • The importance of gathering market intelligence and benchmarking data, making the most of quantitative and qualitative supporting facts to bolster the business case

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