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Winter is Coming: Trouble in the Energy Supply Chain

By November 17, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Energy costs are surging, partially because of a lack of supply and partially about the constraints placed on the movement of existing supplies. The Northeastern United States is in a particularly precarious position because of the supply chain modes used to transport the fuel needed to heat people’s homes.

As with all Dial P topics, energy is complicated – and the sources of fuel that we think of as separate actually quite interconnected.

In this episode of Dial P, host Kelly Barner reviews a few energy-related questions which sound simple enough but get very complicated when you put them together:

  • What determines the cost and prices of diesel fuel, home heating oil, natural gas, and electricity?
  • How available are these different sources of energy?
  • When is product availability an issue and when is the ability to move them from point A to point B the real problem?
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