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Leverage on 18 Wheels: The South Korean Driver Strike

By June 30, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

In late January 2022, hundreds of heavy-duty trucks headed for Ottawa, Canada. They parked in front of the national legislature building and in nearby streets. Period. They parked. Those drivers shut down most of central Ottawa for 23 days in protest of the nation’s vaccine mandates and related requirements.

But did you know that just a couple of weeks ago there was another truckers strike, one that had the potential to drive even more global business and supply chain disruptions?

In this week’s Dial P audio podcast, Kelly Barner shares the details of the recent heavy-duty truck driver strike in South Korea:

  • What drove the drivers to go on strike
  • Which global industries were affected and how badly
  • The impact and outcomes of the strike
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