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Introducing Art of Supply

By January 11, 2024April 2nd, 2024No Comments

Effective today, Dial P for Procurement is the Art of Supply podcast.

Building on the strength of the category-leading Art of Procurement podcast, Art of Supply will focus on supply chain topics and news stories while advocating for the impact all supply management professionals can have on companies, industries, the environment, and people everywhere.

The podcast, social media accounts, and LinkedIn newsletter have all been rebranded with a striking new design. Look for the orange outline, and you’ll know we are hard at work – checking our facts and gathering the details required to go beyond the news headlines, looking for opportunities to reflect and expand our collective understanding.

Rather than being a change in content, this rebrand brings the name and brand identity of the show into alignment with the content we have already been creating. 

Art of Supply will continue to provide in-depth researched coverage of trending supply chain news stories, and we will welcome thought leaders, executives, and newsmakers to the show to share their point of view in their own words.

I have always loved the reality and unpredictability of the news – and supply chains provide a never ending source of complex topics to dig into. We have demonstrated our ability to do this through engaging coverage of large scale labor strikes, legal action taking place in the logistics space, and global events that hit close to home professionally.

There is an art to selecting just the right story to pursue, and a science to responsible pursuit. We will ask tough questions and not shy away from the answers. After all, anything that is simple is not real, and anything that is real is not simple. 

Without an agenda, our coverage will continue to be objective. We won’t shy away from geopolitics, environmental concerns, or human rights issues – but fact will always take precedence over hype. The rest is up to you.



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