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Boots on the Ground in Shanghai, China feat. Jeffrey Goldstein, President of ONWARD Global

By April 14, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

The distance between the United States is far, and that statement remains true whether you are describing geography, culture, or business practices. But how much of what we have been led to believe about the country with the world’s second largest economy is true and how much is hype?

We decided to ask someone who is there, making a living bridging the gaps in supply chains and understanding between Chinese companies and their Western customers.

In this week’s Dial P for Procurement interview, Kelly Barner is joined by Jeffrey Goldstein, Founder & President of ONWARD Global. More important than his title though, is his location. Jeffrey has been based in Shanghai, China for the last 12 years. He works with international startups, brands, and retailers, serving as their on-the-ground representation in China, managing their sourcing, manufacturing, and ethical compliance.

In this interview, Kelly asks Jeffrey frank questions about:

  • How companies have partnered with firms based in China over the last couple of years despite the strict travel restrictions imposed as part of China’s ‘Zero COVID’ policy
  • Whether commonly held notions of what a ‘business relationship’ means in the West versus China are compatible
  • Procurement investments in digital transformation – have they improved interactions with Chinese suppliers?
  • The risks Western companies may be creating for themselves if they push Chinese suppliers too hard on price
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