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2022 Procurement & Supply Chain News in Review

By December 15, 2022April 2nd, 2024No Comments

2022 was a wild year… The speed and complexity of the world seem to keep increasing. The news stories that made headlines this year seemed to defy prediction and logic… and yet, each month brought new and surprising events.

As we get ready to boldly go forward into 2023, host Kelly Barner pauses and takes a look back at the major procurement and supply chain news stories that captured the world’s attention this year.

In this episode of Dial P, she reviews:

  • The results of a LinkedIn poll that gave Dial P audience members the opportunity to rank the top procurement and supply chain news stories of 2022
  • A few honorable mentions that stood out but didn’t make the top of the list
  • The overarching challenges and lessons learned that all of us should be carrying into 2023
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