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237: Leveraging Storytelling to Better Connect with Your Stakeholders

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This month, AOP revives and reimagines ‘This Month in Procurement’ as an informal monthly discussion of podcasts, news, and trends.

In this episode, AOP Host Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner (AOP Content Director and Owner of Buyers Meeting Point) share their secrets for surviving the unceasing onslaught of procurement content and discuss their major take-aways from the month’s podcast episodes.

In January’s podcasts, we heard from Charlotte de Brabandt and Yannick Blattler about generational differences while Sarah Scudder addressed entrepreneurship and category expertise and Joanna Martinez gave us positive food for thought that is much needed in today’s disruptive world.

January also brought news of an innovative new approach being implemented by the State of California: Procurement Innovation Sprints. Will this change allow procurement to focus on objectives rather than specifications in the supplier evaluation process? Only time will tell.

#TakeAction opportunity for January: The first 2-3 practitioners to send us their ‘pitch deck’ or the slides they use to explain procurement’s objectives and processes to internal stakeholders, will get some constructive feedback from us about positioning and language that may help support a move from conflict to cooperation.

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