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Why All Procurement Pro’s Should be Using Social Media as an Intelligence Tool, with Tom Derry

By April 10, 2016June 25th, 2023No Comments
Tom Derry ISM Art of Procurement

This week is Big Idea Week on the Art of Procurement – a mini series of shorter interviews with procurement thought leaders ahead of their participation in the Procurious Big Idea Summit.

We start the week with a wide ranging conversation with Tom Derry, CEO of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM).  Tom shares his thoughts on CPO priorities, the talent profile necessary to be successful in the evolving world of procurement, and why the use of social media has now become an imperative for procurement professionals.

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“Procurement to my mind should be forward thinking with regards pushing a business towards future success and a lot less about executing historical business more efficiently.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The current challenges facing CPO’s, and how these have evolved over since Tom joined ISM in 2012
  • The most critical skill that Tom believes procurement and supply chain professionals will need in the future (it wasn’t what I expected it to be!)
  • Details on the ISM Mastery Model
  • If Tom believes that procurement leaders are reducing their investment in training, as was the finding in the Deloitte CPO Survey.
  • How can procurement professionals level social media – both as a networking and intelligence tool.
  • The number one thing that Tom suggests procurement professionals do today to increase the value they deliver for their stakeholders.

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