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#TakeActionOctoberAOP Podcast

#TakeAction Day 7: Save “It” Before “It’s” Too Late

By October 9, 2018May 29th, 2024No Comments

We have crowned October as #TakeActionOctober – because no phrase is complete these days without a hashtag!

October will be all about taking the actions you need to elevate the influence and impact of you AND your team.

Every day this month, you will hear a micro-sized pod – no more than 5 minutes per day – that I selected to inspire you to act.  

We’ve curated Content from the back catalog of over 200 Art of Procurement episodes, and more than 1,000 articles featured in our weekly newsletter This Week in Procurement.  I’ll also throw in some of my own experiences for good measure.

The commitment I ask of you is to take one action to put into practice – or to coach or mentor a team member or peer – your key takeaway from each episode.

The 14 Questions:

  1. Does the same burning platform – or need – for this product or service exist as the day the contract was signed?
  2. Does this supplier still have the internal sponsorship necessary to fulfill their commitments?
  3. Is the supplier performing in line with the contract?
  4. What is the likelihood that they will continue to perform through the rest of the contract?
  5. What is the reputation of this engagement within your company?
  6. What is the reputation of the supplier within your company?
  7. Are your internal stakeholders and users actually complying with this contract, or are they spending money with other suppliers instead?
  8. Is there a cultural fit or a strong feeling of partnership between you and your supplier?
  9. If you have a governance program in place, is it adhered to, is it a check the box exercise, or is it used to really further the relationship and improve business outcomes?
  10. Is the contract itself, and the metrics within it, encouraging the right behaviors on both sides?
  11. Do you feel that the right level of people are servicing your business? Or did the supplier sell you the A-team, and then give you the B-team – or worse – once the deal was signed?
  12. Has the financial health or ownership status of your supplier changed since the deal was signed?
  13. Have there been any risk events during the course of the contract to date?
  14. Is the supplier actually meeting their original business case – or have you come to them for additional scope to be provided free of change, for fee reductions or are you just a difficult customer to serve?

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