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Heads up! Overcoming Communications Hurdles w/ Julienne Ryan

By October 16, 2017June 21st, 2023No Comments

I am joined today by Julienne Ryan, Principal of J Ryan Partners. Julienne is a former Executive Director of ISM-New York but the majority of her career has been in the world of HR, recruitment, and organizational development.

Her keynote was focused on effective communications, and so I invited Julienne on the show to talk about the art of storytelling and how we can use that technique in our careers and to influence our stakeholders.

“You know there are some common threads to all of us: we want to be heard. We want to be listened to. We want to have someone cheer us on, and maybe recognize something in us that we didn’t see in ourselves.” – Julienne Ryan

Highlights from the Show Include:

  • Julienne explains how storytelling as a communication technique draws us closer to our connects and makes out messages more memorable.
  • Julienne describes the ‘downtime’ benefits of engaging with peers at in-person events.
  • Julienne considers the finer points of the ‘art’ of active listening.
  • Julienne talks about how important it is to test out thoughts and assumptions on people that represent your intended audience.

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