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Building Meaningful Brands on Personal Connections w/ Sarah Scudder

By January 14, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

Entrepreneurship and innovation are highly prized in today’s business environment, but has procurement managed to deliver its fair share of either?

I’m joined today by Sarah Scudder, President of the Real Sourcing Network (RSN), a company that provides clients with print management software that allows them to manage the print category in-house.

In our conversation, we discuss a wide range of topics, including healthy risk-taking for the sake of career development, how to make the most of modern procurement events, and print category best practices. Sarah shares her unmatched perspective on this $77B U.S. industry, and how procurement can leverage technology to get the best total value by combining large dominant players and smaller, niche market entrants in this labor-dependent, capital intensive space.

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