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Q&A – Biggest Mistakes in RFP Weighted Scoring

By October 6, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments

Back in early September, I partnered with friends of the show RFP365 to host a webinar on RFP weighted scoring.  Specifically, how you can use weighted scoring as part of your sourcing process, to help make decisions based on facts, rather than feelings.

The webinar was broadly split into a couple of different parts – I was asking the questions of RFP365 in terms of technology – how can you set up your RFP’s to enable weighted scoring – and then my co-presenters turned the tables and asked a number of questions of my in terms of the practicalities.

Today I am sharing the part of the webinar where I was asked the questions.  You will hear Anna Spady and Dave Hulsen – both Art of Procurement alumni – asking me a number of questions such as my thoughts on how to avoid biased questions, scoring mistakes, when is weighted scoring not appropriate and what to do when the top scoring supplier is not selected.

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 “If you are buying a commodity, by all means use a weighted score as the ultimate arbiter of which supplier to use, but if you are asking suppliers to provide solutions to challenges then weighted scores will just be one of a number of decision components.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Considerations when determining the scale to use in scoring RFP responses.
  • How to avoid biased RFP questions.
  • What to do if your do not source the top scoring supplier.
  • When weighted scoring is not useful or appropriate to use to measure an RFP response.
  • What are the biggest scoring mistakes that I see.
  • How do you approach second phase scoring.

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