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#ProcureTech 2016 Wrap Up: Is Technology Disrupting the Procurement Delivery Model?, with Jason Busch

By March 26, 2016June 1st, 2020No Comments
Jason Busch Spend Matters Azul Partners Procurement Technology

Last week I joined almost 300 procurement peers from around the world at the first Spend Matters ISM Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. As the event came to a close, I spent 15 minutes catching up with Jason Busch – Founder and Head of Strategy at Azul Partners and Spend Matters – discussing what it took to put together an event of this size, and the key takeaways that Jason took from from the conference.

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*note: due to Easter Week, this week’s episode with Jason replaces the regular Friday Show this week*

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Jason’s motivation for hosting the conference, and how his team determined the theme and content that the conference covered.
  • The changes in procurement technology that are taking place that will impact how we buy in the future
  • The limitations of end to end procurement technology suites
  • Are we moving towards a future of platforms and apps?
  • What is the potential of cognitive learning technologies?
  • Will ProcureTech be back in 2017?

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