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[Pod] Procurement for the People – No One “Gets” Procurement w/ Daniel Barnes

By March 8, 2022June 25th, 2023No Comments

“No one really gets what procurement does, or they are misinformed as to what the procurement team does or whatever that team is called. And it often leads to them thinking they’re just there to process purchase orders. They’re there to save on costs. They’re not really there to do any of anything else. And I think if you’re in a business like that, then the number one problem you’ve got is a communication problem. And, and this is why I think this podcast is great. The whole premise of it, because this is so easy to rectify. This is so easy to get, right? And that if you share your vision of procurement with your business, we should align to what the business wants to achieve. Then you’re already on the same side.”  –Daniel Barnes, Supplier Contracts Lead, 10X Banking

Procurement has struggled to achieve alignment with the business for a long time, and we’ve always owned that disconnect – feeling that we were somehow falling short, or not communicating clearly, or just plain misunderstanding what is needed of us. But what if the root of the problem is something else… what if it is ‘them?’ 

In the first episode of Procurement for the People, host Katherine McCleery welcomes Daniel Barnes, contract management extraordinaire and founder of World of Procurement – which began as a blog and has expanded to so much more including a Discord community. 

Katherine takes this opportunity to speak with Daniel about why no one ‘gets’ procurement, and what we can do about it:

  • How procurement can present a value proposition to stakeholders that fosters understanding
  • The harsh reality of supplier contracts and what stakeholders should get out of a good contract review
  • Why procurement should have the endgame in mind, no matter where they are in the process

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