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The Role of Procurement in the War Against Data Security Threats w/ Chris Camejo

By November 27, 2017April 10th, 2024No Comments

My guest today is Chris Camejo, the Director of Product Management and Threat Intelligence at NTT Security – probably the scariest sounding title I’ve ever had here on Art of Procurement. Chris and I discussed what threat intelligence means and what role procurement can play in strengthening a company’s security risk level.

“If you get an organization that looks at procurement’s request for pre-contract security or penetration testing and runs away screaming, you should probably run away in the other direction and look at another option. – Chris Camejo

Highlights from the Show Include:

  • Chris explains that threats often become reality just because people are following what they perceive as established process – and not thinking critically about the details.
  • Remember that ‘it won’t happen to me’ is the most dangerous point of view in corporate and personal security.
  • Outsourcing responsibility for customer data to a third party does not eliminate or reduce the obligation to protect it.
  • Budget limitations that prevent appropriate investments in data security are often the greatest risk companies face.
  • Data, money, and computing power all face risk without the proper data security in place.

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