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Finding Your Procurement Mojo: This Month in Procurement w/ Mark Perera & Sigi Osagie

By May 29, 2017June 25th, 2023No Comments

This Month in Procurement returns, and this week Mark and I welcome a special guest, Sigi Osagie.  

Sigi is the charismatic author of the popular procurement book, Procurement Mojo, and has an extensive background driving performance improvement and change across multiple functions and industries – both as a practitioner and business owner.

Mark and I invited Sigi to join us this month to chat about Procurement Mojo, and to hear Sigi’s perspective on some of the actions we can take to create procurement success.

“Mojo is a word which has its roots in African voodoo, and I’m of African heritage so in some sense it’s kind of flowed naturally. Because the message that I was trying to get across what the book is about, it’s really about helping readers learn how to put together all the different elements that create procurement success.”

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