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Q&A w/Tom Derry, CEO ISM: Is There a Talent Deficit in Procurement?

By May 24, 2016June 25th, 2023No Comments

Today’s guest on the Art of Procurement is Tom Derry, CEO is ISM (Institute for Supply Management).  Tom and I sat down at last week’s ISM 2016 Conference to discuss his key takeaways from the event, and how ISM is evolving to meet the changing needs of its members.

Tom then answered a number of quick fire questions, including a question asking if we are facing a talent deficit in procurement.  Listen in to hear Tom’s answer!

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“The skills that are being required now to be successful aren’t the skills that made a person successful even five years ago. We’re in this period of time where people who are still in the profession are learning new things, and have to learn them rapidly.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Tom’s perspective on ISM2016:
    • What does it take to plan and execute an event of this magnitude?
    • What are the important topics that ISM focused on this year?
    • How is ISM evolving to meet the changing needs of the Supply Management professional?
    • What are Tom’s key takeaway’s from ISM2016 (and does he consider himself an introvert or an extrovert?)
  • Quickfire Q&A:
    • What impact will the Paris Agreement have on supply chains?
    • Is sustainability becoming an imperative?
    • Is there a talent deficit in procurement?
    • What impact will information transparency have on the procurement professional?

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