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Laying the Foundations for a Role Change

By January 8, 2018June 1st, 2020No Comments

Happy New Year!

I was inspired to cover today’s topic based on a question from a listener who has resolved to make a career move this year…

I know from personal experience that at this time of year, we are often making decisions on our career strategies for the year ahead.  When I made the decision to pursue setting up my own business, I made the decision over the holiday period, and I’m sure many listeners may have done the same this year – whether it is to pursue a new role internally, or externally.

So what I thought I would do today is share a number of tips to consider if you are considering a new role  – based on both my own experiences, but also gleaned from interviews and conversations with a number of recruiters.

These tips are focused on what you can do TODAY to be prepared.

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