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[Pod] An AOP Rebrand 8 Years in the Making w/ Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner

By May 2, 2023No Comments

“The break in the frame around the new AOP logo represents breaking the status quo, but also thinking outside the box. Those are two things procurement must do to take advantage of – rather than to succumb to – all of the opportunities in front of us.”  —Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director, Art of Procurement

Effective today, Art of Procurement has a new brand: an uploaded logo, look, and feel that align with our vision for procurement and the expanded content and events that are available to the AOP community.

This rebrand comes after eight years of gradual shifts. Starting with the launch of the podcast in 2015, Art of Procurement has grown to become the leading source of trusted, actionable insights for forward-thinking procurement leaders. 

In this bonus episode, Partners Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner explain the intent and process behind this change:

  • How our rebrand goes beyond just sporting a ‘new look’
  • The need for procurement advocacy across the executive suite
  • How this brand update aligns with our larger mission to 10X the impact of procurement

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