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[Pod] Facilitating Differentiated Decision Making | Part 4: Crossing the Data to Action Gap w/ Sammeli Sammalkorpi

By March 30, 2023No Comments

In this four-part special series, host Philip Ideson speaks with members of the Sievo team. In each episode, we discover a unique way that differentiated decision making can help procurement 10X their impact: procurement as an information hub, ESG analytics, investments in talent, and crossing the data to action gap.

In the fourth and final episode in this series, he is joined by Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO and Co-Founder of Sievo, to bring the whole series together by looking at how procurement can cross the data to action gap.

They take this opportunity to discuss: 

  • What the next frontier in procurement analytics may look like 
  • Whether automated decision making will replace procurement professionals 
  • How procurement decision makers should think about procurement data assets

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