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[Pod] Facilitating Differentiated Decision Making | Part 2: ESG Analytics w/ Heta Pirttijärvi

By March 28, 2023No Comments

In this four-part special series, host Philip Ideson speaks with members of the Sievo team. In each episode, we discover a unique way that differentiated decision making can help procurement 10X their impact: procurement as an information hub, ESG analytics, investments in talent, and crossing the data to action gap.

In the second episode, he is joined by Heta Pirttijärvi, a Product Manager at Sievo, to talk about ESG analytics.

They take this opportunity to discuss: 

  • Why ESG topics are becoming more important and receiving more attention 
  • The main obstacles companies struggle with as they try to translate their ESG vision into an actionable strategy 
  • Procurement’s likely future role in ESG initiatives

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