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[Pod] Top Moments from AOP’s Virtual Events in 2022 w/ Helen Mackenzie, Melissa Drew, Doug Van Wingerden and Tayna Manning-Grant

By December 19, 2022June 25th, 2023No Comments

“Procurement is such a wonderful space to work in isn’t it?  We’ve got the opportunity to leverage the potential of digital technology, the data to help us provide insight and drive decision making, and the relationships with stakeholders and suppliers that bring us back to the people who are involved.”Helen Mackenzie, Head of Community and Events at Art of Procurement

Art of Procurement is best known for our podcast, but did you know that we also host a number of virtual conferences each year as well? These longer form events allow us to have in-depth discussions about the opportunities and challenges procurement professionals face.

All of those opportunities and challenges can be met with a combination of digital solutions, data, and powerful relationships – and we get to hear real world examples of how that works from our event speakers. 

In this specially curated podcast, Helen Mackenzie shares her most memorable excerpts from this year’s virtual events:

  • Melissa Drew, Associate Partner at IBM, speaking about how AI can elevate procurement’s focus from tactical to strategic
  • SpendHQ Chief Operating Officer Doug Van Wingerden talking about how technology is changing the ‘game’ of category management
  • Tanya Manning-Grant, CEO of TMG Professional Services Consulting Firm, focusing on driving supply chain value in disrupted times

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