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Bad Buying – Tales of Wasted Billions w/ Peter Smith

By October 12, 2020August 8th, 2021No Comments

“No industry or country is immune from bad buying; it exists in every nation in the world, and in almost every organization.” 

For many years, Peter Smith wanted to write a book that was fundamentally about procurement but would appeal to a wider business audience, One that would peel back the onion on the role of procurement, with tales of what happens when good buying practices are not followed.  Following a career as a practitioner, and most latterly leading Spend Matters in the UK, Peter got to work.  The result: Bad Buying – how organizations waste billions through failures, frauds and fk-ups. 

In this interview, Peter discusses:

  • Examples of bad buying from across both the public and private sectors
  • Whether the growth of the procurement function has become a double-edged sword
  • Learnings that procurement professionals can apply to turn “bad” buying into “good buying”

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