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How to Hire and Be Hired in the Headwinds of the New Economy w/ Mark Holyoake

By May 11, 2020June 1st, 2020No Comments

“It’s not just a question of replicating the interview process and exchanging in-person interviews with video conferences or phone calls. In actuality, you need to think in terms of replicating what each interviewee gets out of the experience under normal circumstances in terms of maximizing the chances that the impression you’re able to leave candidates with is a positive one and that’s more difficult.”

There are a lot of very talented people today that suddenly find themselves un- or under- employed by no fault of their own and companies lift with critical vacancies. How can professionals and hiring managers continue to move careers and operations forward under the current business conditions? 

Mark Holyoake is the founder of Holyoake Search, a US East-coast based procurement recruitment firm and someone who always has his finger on the pulse of the procurement recruitment market. The landscape for hiring and being hired in procurement has changed dramatically over the past couple of months, so what does that mean for anyone looking for a new role or for executives looking to hire their next rising star? 

In this interview, Mark provides Host Philip Ideson with an honest overview of the current state of hiring, interviewing, and career building:

  • [3:02] Which industries and levels of the corporate hierarchy are being affected the most (and the least)
  • [7:32] The role that personal branding plays in helping people land new jobs and attracting top talent to open positions
  • [12:35] How to ensure that your personal brand achieves your goals and is developed systematically but with authenticity
  • [24:27] Advice for taking the hiring, interviewing, and recruiting processes online without short-changing anyone in the process

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