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Escaping Your Traditional Environment – This Month in Procurement

By November 25, 2019April 10th, 2024No Comments

In this episode, AOP Host Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner (General Manager of AOP and Owner of Buyers Meeting Point) discuss their major take-aways from November’s news, industry topics and podcast interviews.

Note: This is a special – early and shortened – version of our This Month in Procurement podcast due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. We would like to thank you, our listeners and followers, for sharing your time and energy with us during the year. The procurement community is amazing. We continue to be enthusiastic about being part of your network and having you in ours! 

In November, we heard Bill Michels, VP of Operations Americas for CIPS, discuss proactive recession planning, and then Procurement Leaders’ David Rae and Geraldine Craven connected the results of recent research to how CPOs should be planning for 2020.

Our discussion topic is getting away, or stepping away from your traditional environment to gain perspective and inspiration. We just spent two days in person planning out our strategies and actions for 2020, and it made all the difference in the world. Whether you have an upcoming team offsite or whether your holiday travels will carry you far from the office, remember to find ways to benefit from the objectivity that distance and reengagement offer.

Finally, here is our schedule for the remainder of 2019: We will have three more podcasts, one with Peter Smith about his new book, A Procurement Compendium, one based on our recent AOP Live session with Per Angusta around performance management, and one with Sundar K., Ivalua’s Global Head of Manufacturing Solutions. December 16th will be the last AOP podcast of the year, and we will wrap up This Week in Procurement on December 18th (click here to subscribe if you don’t already receive it). 

Thanks to everyone for listening in to This Month in Procurement. Please feel free to reach out with questions or comments.

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