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How Fortescue Re-energized their Technology Transformation through Guided Buying w/ Liam Moniz

By July 8, 2019June 1st, 2020No Comments

If procurement is going to attract the ‘best of the best’ to join our ranks, no matter what their background, then at some point we can expect to work alongside someone with no experience in procurement. Whether such a move is successful is likely to be dependent on the individual transferring in as well as the overall culture of the organization.

I interviewed Liam Moniz, Manager of Procurement Systems & Services at Fortescue Metals Group, during SAPAriba LIVE in Austin, Texas. Two years ago, Liam had no experience in procurement, and, as he told me, “didn’t know a purchase order from a purchase requisition or invoice”. Based upon his success in other roles, the business brought him into procurement to be a fresh set of eyes as they invested in process, technology and talent transformation.

His background in IT Service Delivery and Support prepared him for the technology-focused parts of transformation, but process and customer satisfaction were another matter. To address those, Liam leaned on his understanding of business objectives and his desire to engage with stakeholders in pursuit of value – including through the implementation of guided buying.

In this conversation, Liam discusses:

  • Why having process and category expertise isn’t enough – procurement has to fully leverage technology too, especially when trying to transform at scale.
  • How procurement can convince people to reengage in the transformation process, want to learn about the technology and start using it.
  • The fact that process standardization is one thing, but procurement still has to be customer-centric enough to meet the specialized needs of individual stakeholder groups.
  • Why the roll out of guided buying may lead to greater (and more valuable) interaction between procurement and the business rather than less.

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